Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Don't Be Such a Chicken"- October

1.  Ask God to help you find a new “verse of the month” and a new “word of the month.”  Post it where you can see it.  And ask Him to help you apply it.  (And/or ask Him if there is any task/challenge He wants to give you this month.)

2.  Pick two or three new people to pray for this month.  Write their names down, pray for them daily, and ask God if there is anything specific you should pray for about them. 

3.  What five accomplishments of yours are you most thankful for? 

4.  Pick another item from your “nice things to do for others” list and find time to do it this month.

5.  Ask God:  “In what area(s) am I not trusting You or listening to You right now?”   

6.  What five bits of advice (or quotes) are you thankful for?

7.  Spend at least 30 minutes away from all technology at least three times this week and do something peaceful and relaxing instead.  Protect your “alone time” and your time with your family.

8.  Ask God:  “Is there any area You are trying to tell me “no” in?  Any area You are trying to tell me “yes” in?  Any area You are trying to tell me “stop” or “wait” in?” 

9.  What five things are you thankful for that help you recharge or relax?

10.  Pick a verse you’ve always wanted to memorize.  Now memorize it.

11.  Ask God:  “Am I living in an awareness of Your holiness?  What in my life might show that I am not?  (Disobedience, not seeking after You, no sense of conviction, etc.)”

12.  What five life-changing moments are you thankful for?  (Or five life-changing moments you are thankful God brought you through?)

13.  Next time you stand in line somewhere, pick a person around you to pray for.  And ask God what He wants you to pray.

14.  Ask God:  “Am I living in an awareness of Your love?  What do I still need to learn about Your love?”

15.  What are five brown things you are thankful for?

16.  What three worries can you push aside for now?  Pray them over to God and refuse to think about them for a week.  (They will still be there next week and you can resume worrying about them then, if you want to.)

17.  Ask God:  “Is there a way that You want me to display more love or is there someone You want me to love more?  (Lord, help me love more!)”

18.  What five books/authors are you thankful for?

19.  Choose from your “nice things to do for yourself” list.  And do it soon.

20.  Ask God:  “Since You know what’s best for me, what do I need most right now?”

21.  What are five convictions, beliefs, or disciplines of yours that you are thankful you have?

22.  Do a little “quote” hunting online (such as googling “Famous Quotes,” “Quotes about love or God,” “Inspirational Quotes” etc.).  Write down your favorite ones and put them somewhere you can see them.

23.  Ask God:  “Do You have anything You want to say to me regarding my view of eternity?  Of the supernatural/spirit world?  Do I live with enough/too much/too little awareness of the spirit world?  Of eternity?

24.   What are five “supernatural” or awe-inspiring moments that you have had that you are thankful for, even if it’s just seeing a beautiful sunset while sitting on a beach on vacation.

25.  Think of the things you are proud of about your life. your success, yourself.  Have you remembered to thank God for them?

26. Ask God:  “Is there any way I am trying to steal Your glory?  What am I overly proud about that I need to give You the glory for?”    
27.  What are five of your talents or strengths that you are thankful for?

28.  Say “no” to something that you know you are supposed to say “no” to.  You do not have to do everything for everyone.  (If you always say “no,” then say “yes” to something you wouldn’t normally do.)

29.  Ask God:  “What are some of the greatest passions/talents You have given me and how can I use them for Your glory and Your kingdom?”
30.  What five experiences are you thankful for because they made you feel closer to God?

31.  Pray for revival.  In your heart, your home, your church, your community, your country!

What bits of advice or quotes are you thankful for?  What are your life-changing, supernatural, or awe-inspiring moments?  Any other comments on anything here?