Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's Going to be a Good Year!

            Here it is in late January 2015.  And God has finally broken through the funk that I’ve
been in.  It’s not that everything in my life is just the way I want it.  In fact, all of the things that discouraged me are still there.  Nothing has really changed.  Nothing except my heart and outlook.  I know that I’ll always have to deal with these funky times while I live in a fallen world.  But I am learning to take it a step at a time.  To embrace the season that I am in and to find God there. 
            I have a picture of a winter’s scene in my kitchen.  It is dusk in that picture and there is a quiet little stream running down the middle with banks piled high with snow.  It is calm and peaceful and beautiful.  And to this picture I attached a phrase from the movie “God’s Not Dead”:
                        “God is good . . . all the time
                        And all the time . . . God is good!”

            I love the way this phrase goes with the picture.  I love it that even in the cold, dark, lonely, “winter nights” of the soul, God is still good.  Isn’t this when we need to be reminded of that most? 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winning the Battle

            I have been in a “funk” lately.  (I get in them often, comes with being a child from a broken home).  Prayer has felt futile.  I’ve been wanting to pull back from people.  I am struggling to accept certain “life problems” that I wish I didn’t have.  And I constantly deal with feelings of failure and not mattering.  (Yet this winter has been so much better than last winter.  It was really bad last year, just kinda bad this year.) 
            I know it’s not proper for a Christian to expose the fact that they are dealing with depression and frustration with God and disappointment with prayer and unhappiness with life.  I know we are supposed to plaster on that “good, happy, Christian smile” and act like we are full of joy and peace and contentment.  But this is the truth about how I feel.  And if I can’t be real with God and other Christians (even anonymously on this blog), then who can I be real with?