Sunday, February 28, 2016

On this blog . . .

            This blog is written for (and written by) the brokenhearted, discouraged Christian who is struggling to hang onto the Lord and to grow in faith despite life's messy trials.  (Along with a lot of other goodies, like a Bible Study and a One-Year "Chicken Challenge.")  You are not alone in your struggles.  We are all human here, just trying to make it through this messy life.  And I hope that by listening in to what's going on in my head while I struggle with myself, my God, and my faith, you might find hope, too.  And truth and love and healing.  God bless!     

            Also, unless otherwise noted:  Scripture quotations taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION.®  Copyright ©  1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

            There's really nothing else to see here.  This is all I wanted to say.  Actually, I didn't necessarily want to say it, but I had to say it.  Because the Bible told me to.  Not like there's a verse that says "Thou shalt make sure to put a copyright notification on the front page of thy blog."  But more like the New International Version of the Bible has a page at the beginning of it that says that if you quote verses from the NIV, you need to put this notice on the front page of your work.  And I think it would be bad to get in trouble for "stealing" from the Bible.  [Is that even really possible?  To steal words from the Bible?  Or is it somehow doubly wrong?  Wouldn't that be embarrassing . . . to get in trouble for stealing from the Bible and then have to stand before a judge as he says, "Seriously!  You stole from the Bible!  What were you thinking!?!  The Bible says right there 'Thou shall not steal!'"]  You know, it's kinda weird to see the warning at the beginning of a Bible which says that you can only quote so many verses before you have to get permission from the authors.  And then there's the warning in the Bible concordance which says that you can't copy any part of it or even save any part of it in a retrieval system (such as your computer) without written permission from the authors.  Seems a little possessive, doesn't it?  I mean, you would think that they would want this stuff to get out there, to be spread around as much as possible.  And isn't the author of the Bible technically God?  And why are you still reading this?  It's so boring!  Get off of this page and go find a more interesting post or blog.  Or go outside and enjoy God's creation.  You really shouldn't be sitting inside this much.  It's not good for you!  I'm just sayin'.