Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Don't Be Such a Chicken"- November

1.  Ask God to help you find a new “verse of the month” and a new “word of the month.”  Post it where you can see it.  And ask Him to help you apply it.  (And/or ask Him if there is any task/challenge He wants to give you this month.)

2.  Pick two or three new people to pray for this month.  Write their names down, pray for them daily, and ask God if there is anything specific you should pray for about them. 

3.  Clean out your kitchen cabinets or pantry, giving you a fresh start for the holidays.  Replace spices that are outdated.

4.  Pick another item from your “nice things to do for others” list and find time to do it this month.

5.  Ask God:  “What are the unhealthy things – my shortcomings - that need to change?  What are some qualities that I am lacking or need more of?” 
6.  Pick a new recipe or new food to try.

7.  Spend at least 30 minutes away from all technology at least three times this week and do something peaceful and relaxing instead.  Protect your “alone time” and your time with your family.

8.  Ask God:  “What do I have a hard time accepting/believing about You?  What do I have a hard time accepting/believing about myself?”

9.  Gather up a boxful of decent things from your house and donate them.

10.  Pick a verse you’ve always wanted to memorize.  Now memorize it.

11.  Ask God:  “How can I be more kind to myself or add some more goodness to my life?”
12.  What are five things about the holidays you are thankful for?

13.  As the holiday season is upon us, what one thing can you do to make it more meaningful?

14.  Ask God:  “Knowing that my body is a gift from You that You want me to take care of, is there anything You want me to do or to do differently for my health/my family’s health?” 

15.  What five experiences are you thankful for because they made you feel closer to others?

16.  Cross one thing off of your To Do list this holiday season.  Simplify in whatever way you can so that you can enjoy it more.

17.  Ask God:   “Is there anything that I should be giving more thought to?  Less thought to?  What do You say about these?” 

18.  What five bad historical events are you thankful you were never a part of?

19.  Choose from your “nice things to do for yourself” list.  And do it soon.

20.  Ask God:  Is there any prayer that I know I should pray but that I am hesitating to do so?  Why?  (Prayers such as:  “Lord, help me forgive so-and-so . . . May Your Will be done . . . Forgive me for . . . Make me an instrument . . . Grant me wisdom about . . . Give me strength to . . . How am I responsible . . . Open my eyes to the needs of others . . . etc.”)  Lord, help me to pray it!” 
21.  What five things that happen every day are you thankful for?

22.  What are three things you need to be more diligent in or responsible about?

23.  Ask God:  “What is my attitude towards other people right now?  Anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, unloving, disrespectful, gossipy, etc.?  What do You want me to change?  Is there anything You want me to do differently in my relationships with others?”      

24.  What five things are you thankful rarely or only occasionally happen?

25.  Write a list of things you like about yourself, your good qualities.  And just remember that you have a lot to offer and you matter too.

26.  Ask God:  “In what area(s) do I need to exercise self-control more?  How?”

27.  What five things are you thankful you have learned to be content with (for the most part)?

28.  Take a day sometime soon to do nothing but rest and relax.  Christmas will be here and gone before you know it.  Savor the season!

29.  Ask God:  “Do I have any unmet “needs” or longings?  Is there anything I can do about them or do I simply need to learn to be more content with them?  And in what other areas do I need to be more content and to learn that Your grace is sufficient and to praise You, even if I am heart-broken and in pain?  Help me, Lord!” 

30.  What are five dreams/longings that you are thankful have been fulfilled?

What do you do to make the season meaningful?  What has been difficult for you to accept or believe about God or about yourself?  Any prayers you have resisted praying?  If you did finally pray them, what happened?  Any other thoughts?