Monday, January 20, 2014

Make Your Vote Count!

Make Your Vote Count
            Anytime we engage in something or buy something or support something, we are casting a vote.  Every decision we make about where we spend our time and money is a vote for or against something.  And this will impact the moral condition of our country, the quality of our food, and the world that we pass onto our kids.

            When we buy highly processed food made of inferior and toxic products, we are telling the companies to keep making it the way they do.  To make sure that it’s available in the future for our children and grandchildren. 
            When we buy the movies and music that celebrate sexual freedom, we are telling the artists to keep producing it, making this message available for more people.
            When we buy the books and movies that encourage witchcraft and horror and occultism, we are saying, “Hey, keep it up.  We like what you’re giving us.”
            When we peek at the pornographic websites and magazines, we send the message that we want more of this.  And we support the industry, making sure that it’s around for our precious sons and daughters to be a part of.
            When we buy products loaded with chemicals to clean our houses with and treat our yards with, we are partly responsible for the detrimental effects it has on our environment. 
            When we buy lots of cheap, poorly-made products, we are contributing to rampant consumerism, landfill overflow, and encouraging the companies to continue producing shoddy, needless junk. 
            When we support a company that supports abortion, we are providing them with the funds they need to keep doing it.
            When we support the big companies, we are helping push out the small ma-and-pa shops that have so much character and heart to offer.
            When we buy the magazines that worship celebrities, or trash celebrities, or hold up unrealistic standards for beauty, we are saying, “These things matter to us, too.  Keep it coming!”
            When we buy more instead of simplifying or making our own or making do with what we have, we foster discontentment and excess.
            When we spit out harsh words, give dirty looks, spread lies, or share gossip, we inspire others to do likewise and to pass it on.
            When we don’t stand up for truth and morality, we encourage a slow drift into immorality and confusion.
            We vote with every television show we watch, piece of clothing we wear, food product we consume, trinket we buy, hobby we engage in, look we give, word we say, and stand we take (or don’t take).  Make sure you support only the things you want to pass down to your children and grandchildren.  Your vote matters!  Make it count!