Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thank You, Dr. Kent Brantly

            I just saw your interview last night (9-5-14) with Matt Lauer.  (I am posting this for an earlier date, though.)  And I want to say Thank You. 
            Thank you first of all for your selfless service over in South Africa.  And thank you to Nancy Writebol and the rest of the doctors and nurses also.  Whereas most of us give lip-service to wanting to help others and to take care of world problems, you put feet and hands on that desire.  You go out there (along with the rest of Samaritan’s Purse) and do the un-glamorous, difficult, risky jobs that many of us wouldn’t dream of touching, sadly enough.  God bless you! 

But I also wanted to say Thank You for handling that interview so wonderfully.  You boldly and clearly gave God the glory, and you beautifully and faithfully represented the Christian faith. 

            I have seen other Christian celebrities nervously crack during interviews and shrink back from boldly sharing about their faith, which is humanly understandable because it’s terrifying to talk about God and faith in a country that is getting more and more hostile about it.  But you didn’t crack or shrink back.  You graciously, boldly, and faithfully spoke of our Christian faith and our great God in Heaven.  I can just image God smiling, too, as He watched you speak. 
            And you even graciously handled the last question about “why did your faith heal you but other people didn’t get healed.”  That is a very difficult, almost “trick” kind of question.  And I wondered if it would be the point you faltered.  But you didn’t. 
            Thank you for representing us Christians better than most celebrities I have ever seen.  May God use that interview to gain glory for Himself and to draw people to Him.  And may He abundantly bless you and your family and Samaritan’s Purse for your faithfulness. 
            And may He reach down in His mercy and stop the spread of this awful disease.  We can’t explain or understand why God allows these kinds of things, or why He saves some people and not others.  All we can do is praise Him for the healings, pray for the rest of the sufferers, help in any way we can (such as supporting Samaritan’s Purse), and do our best to glorify God, through the good and the bad.  Thank you!
            A Sister in Christ,  Heather